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Our Robot
2022-23 Season

We are "Charged Up" for this year's competition!


Each January, the FIRST Robotics Competition challenge is announced. We do not get any blueprints for how to build our robot. Once the challenge is announced, our team immediately begins to discuss strategy and gets to work designing our robot to execute the challenge. We use CAD to design and build our robot. Most of the parts for our robot are made by our team in our robotics room at Watertown-Mayer High School.

2022-23 FIRST Competition Challenge



In CHARGED UP presented by Haas, FIRST® Robotics Competition teams are inspired to see the potential of energy storage in a new light as they compete to charge up their communities. Alliances work together to score points in the game arena by picking up cubes and cones and placing them in their grid. Watch the game animation to learn more.

Our Robot Build

CAD model of this year's robot.

2022-2023 Robot CAD.JPG

Key Features of Our Robot

  • Swerve drive on chassis – facilitates intuitive, rapid robot movement. 

  • Agility – a true 2-d drive train in which drive direction may be divorced from chassis orientation.

  • Traction – high traction wheels may be employed without negative consequence; force may be vectored in any desired direction.

  • Low robot center of gravity, which makes robot stable during motion and collision events.

  • Lightweight arm, allowing rapid motion with precise control.

  • Rapid arm reaching and rotating capability, controlled with pre-programmed positioning accessed from human operator controls.

  • Fast action grabber, with "tacky" fingers to ensure reliable handling of the game pieces.

  • On-board cameras, to supply visual feedback to the human operators.


Regional Competition

We attended the Northern Lights Regional Competition on March 1-4, 2023 in Duluth, Minnesota. We had a very successful competition. We were selected for the playoffs and ended the competition in 3rd place! You can click here to watch our playoff matches by searching for Team 7530.

State Competition

We qualified for the Minnesota State High School League's State Robotics Competition by ranking in the top 36 teams out of 190 teams in the state. The competition was held at Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on May 6, 2023. We did great and were awarded the Outstanding Engineering and Design Award by Dunwoody College.

Dunwoody Engineering & Design award - Copy.jpg
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