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Our team believes in giving back to the community. We participate in various outreach events that promote STEM learning and teach the community about robotics.


T-shirt Cannon


Our team built a t-shirt cannon in 2022 to help pump up the crowd at Watertown-Mayer sporting events! We have fun reaching out to the community and providing a good time for everyone involved. Our team members have a blast launching the t-shirts into the crowd and the spectators have a great time trying to snag a t-shirt catapulting through the air.

Tshirt Cannon 01.jpg
Tshirt Cannon 02.png
Community Parades

To promote our team and showcase our robotic skills, we take part in town parades, including the Watertown-Mayer Homecoming parade and the Watertown Rails to Trails parade, where we launch candy with our cannon robot.

Candy Cannon Parade.jpg
Kid's Fun Zone

We volunteer at Rails to Trails for the Watertown Lions Club Kid's Fun Zone, where kids come to play games at the festival and win prizes.

Kids Zone 03.JPG
Kids Zone 01.JPG
Kids Zone 02.JPG

Community Robotics Demonstrations


We host a robotics event at the Watertown Rails to Trails festival each year, where community members can come learn about robots and even get a chance to drive them to complete tasks and obstacle courses.

Community Demo 03.jpg
BOS Robotics Logo.png
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