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Meet Team 7530

We are B.O.S. Robotics Team 7530, a FIRST Robotics team at Watertown-Mayer High School. We welcome students in grades 8-12 to be a part of our team.

It's More Than Robot Building

B.O.S. Robotics is more than just building robots. We have several sub-teams that work together to accomplish the FIRST Robotics Competition challenge as well as manage and promote our team. It takes every member to make our team a success.


The Mechanical Team is responsible for designing the robot in collaboration with the Electrical and Programming Teams. We use CAD to bring everyone’s ideas together. Once our design is defined, they begin to acquire and produce the required parts for building the robot. Once all of the parts are assembled, the robot moves along to the Electrical Team.


The Electrical Team is the bridge between the Mechanical and Programming Teams. They are in charge of wiring the robot, its motors and every piece relating to the robot’s function. Without them, our robot would have no power. Once the electrical system is completed, the robot moves along to the Programming Team.


The Programming Team is crucial for creating a functional robot. They are responsible for creating the programming logic between the operator’s controls and the robot’s sensors and motors. They will program any autonomous routines and any other automated functions that are used. Once all of the programming is completed, the robot moves along to the Strategy Team.


The Strategy Team consists of the drivers and strategists that determine how we will play the game. They will master controlling all of the required functions of our robot so we will be successful in the game arena at competition. During competition, this team is responsible for gathering and analyzing data from all of the matches in order to effectively select alliance partners during Playoffs.



The Marketing Team promotes us. This is accomplished in many ways, such as taking pictures and videos of our team and posting them on our website and social media sites, creating newsletters and recording podcasts. They also promote our team through community outreach events such as parades, launching t-shirts from our cannon robot at school sporting events and hosting robotics events for the community.  


The Business Team is responsible for team financials and communication. On the financial side, they track purchases and expenses, create fundraising strategies to raise money and help determine the budget. On the communication side, they create the team’s season schedule, receive and respond to email correspondence, create meeting agendas, take meeting minutes and help plan activities and events throughout the year.


The Safety Team establishes an effective safety program to ensure that our students, coaches and mentors have a safe working environment. They develop training plans for team members to ensure confidence and knowledge of safe work methods and enforce safety protocols during practice and at competition.


Our Mentors and Coaches

FIRST Robotics Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all professional backgrounds who work with students to share their knowledge and guide them through the season. They are the key ingredient to the success of a FIRST team. Meet our Mentors and Coaches.

Nick DeNomme
Coach /
Electrical Mentor


Allen Heidorn
Programming Mentor


Angie Hartshorn
Business /
Fundraising Mentor


Jeff Tronnes
Mechanical Mentor


George Buehl


Theresa Sullivan
Business Mentor


Sarah Tronnes
Business Mentor

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