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Our Previous Robots

Season 4 | 2021-2022


This season's challenge, Rapid React presented by The Boeing Company, was centered around the theme of transportation. The game consisted of teams shooting Cargo (inflatable balls) into a central Hub and then climbing within their "hangars" at the end of the match. Our robot was not designed to gather any Cargo. Instead our strategy was to be a robot that could climb really well and to play defense. At the Northern Lights Regional competition in Duluth, Minnesota, we advanced to the quarter finals.​

2021-2022 Robot CAD Model.JPG
2021-2022 Robot Photo.jpg
2021-2022 Game Logo.JPG
2021-2022  Playing Field.png
2021-2022 Northern Lights Competition Video

2021-2022 Northern Lights Competition Video

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Season 3 | 2020-2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no robot building during Season 3. The first half of the season's meetings were held virtually. The season's challenge consisted of the teams creating and designing a FIRST Robotics Competition game. We competed against other teams for a chance to present our game to the FIRST Robotics Competition Game Design Team. We designed a pirate themed game called Anchors Aweigh. Our idea was for robots to pick up star-shaped and coin game pieces from the center of the field and place them into their treasure chests to score points. Robots could also score points by launching cannon balls at the sails on the pirate ships. During the last 30 seconds of the match, robots could begin to hoist up their anchors in order to prepare for an escape from the invading pirates. Once the anchors had been lifted and locked in place, robots climbed their chains to board their ship and sail away! The team created and submitted a video demonstrating our game challenge.

2020-2021 Robot CAD Model.JPG
2020-2021 Treasure collector.JPG
2020-2021 Anchors Aweigh logo.png
2020-2021 Game Design Challenge Video

2020-2021 Game Design Challenge Video

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Season 2 | 2019-2020


This season's game, Infinite Recharge, centered around a futuristic city theme where teams competed to perform various tasks, including shooting Power Cells (foam balls) into high and low goals, to activate a Shield Generator, manipulating a Control Panel to activate this shield, and then returning to the Shield Generator to park or climb at the end of the match. The objective was to energize and activate the shield before the match ends and asteroids strike FIRST City, a futuristic city inspired by Star Wars. Our robot was designed to gather and hold five balls at a time, to maximize our scoring ability. We kept our robot under 28” height so we could fit under the trench Control Panel on the game field, to get quickly to the opposing team’s side of the field. Our lift mechanism for the end game utilized a telescoping arm that delivered a hook to a horizontal bar, and a winch that hoisted our robot off the floor. We advanced to the semifinals match at the Northern Lights Regional Competition in Duluth, MN.

2019-2020 Robot Overall Photo with hook extended.JPG

Season 1 | 2018-2019

This season's game, Destination: Deep Space, had an outer space theme where teams competed to deliver Hatch Panels (poly-carbonate discs) and Cargo (orange rubber balls) on rockets and cargo ships, and then return to their HAB platform to climb at the end of the match. Our robot was designed to focus on delivering the Hatch Panels. Whenever we were unable to deliver a Hatch Panel, we would play defense against the other robots on the field. At the Northern Lights Regional Competition in Duluth, MN, we received the Rookie All Star Award and we advanced to the World Championships in Detroit, MI as the Rookie All Star Team.​

2018-2019 Robot CAD Model.JPG
BOS Robotics Logo.png
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